Friday, September 08, 2006

Twins for a day

I've always wondered how those superwomen with mulitples DO IT! Now I have even more profound respect for the families with twins, triplets or (god forbid) quads and beyond! Abby's little friend "A" came over for about 6 hours yesterday. We've done a few hours at a time before, but never through nap time etc. Both girls are used to undivided mama attention when going down for naps. Needless to say, this mama had a rough time getting them down. In the end, I carried "A" in the sling for nearly 2 hours (she's at least 25 lbs. . .good gods!) until she was dead asleep. Then, with her still strapped to my chest, I layed down with Abby so she could fondle my ear (her comfort) to get to sleep. Then, snuck out of Abby's room and creeped downstairs where I was finally able to put "A" down on the couch and got a whole sweet hour of quiet. Phew!
The girls crack me up. They are both about 18 months old and are starting to actually be friends. Abby sits down in the yard and pats the ground next to her, beckoning to "A", and says, "sit, sit?". "A" sits and then Abby gets up and goes to the sandbox, "bah, bah?". . "A" goes over there. Then, oh the kicker, I put the two of them side by side to eat dinner outside (fried rice with tofu and yummy veggies. ..the only way Abby will eat anything good for her. . .buried in carbs!). The dialogue was hysterical. "poon?" says Abby as she takes "A"'s spoon, "soon," says "A" as she takes Abby's spoon. "A" sneezes and Abby says, "bess yous" (bless you). At the end of the meal, they stacked their bowls and spoons and laughed and laughed as Abby said, "dain dyou" (thank you) when "A" helped take her bib off. Too freakin' cute. Oh, Abby's on the right in the pic.

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GrandmotherCaroline said...

Those are the most beautiful children I've seen!!