Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More tiny mittens and some stockings too!

These are ornament size for topping packages. I made a little star too, but it didn't end up looking like a star, so it's been added to Abby's kitchen set as a pot holder.


Mallow said...

I know I already asked you this, but I can't remember - what kind of yarn did you use on these? And were you able to felt them in your frontloading washer? (I just tried felting something in mine with no luck. Maybe it is the yarn?) I love the grey mittens - great snowflakes!

Carrie said...

I used left over bits of Cascade 220 for the yarn. When I did the first mittens at my mother in law's house (top loader), they felted in about 10 seconds (not really). But, it was a lot faster and more evenly felted than this batch that I did in my front loader. I've had trouble felting/fulling in the front loader. I've read that you really do have to put a pair of jeans or something else in the washer to make it agitate well. The other bit is that the wool sheds and can easily block up your drain and cause the whole motor of your washer to burn out. . . very expensive repair. So, you really do want to put your feltables in something. I use a zippered pillowcase. I have other thoughts about felting. . .maybe I'll post something later, or just e-mail you directly.