Friday, October 13, 2006

And, still. . .no stockings

Here's my latest distraction. I grabbed this yarn from my mom's stash. . .she made a great hat for Abby with it and I was able to make another hat and two mitts for a wee baby in our extended circle. Though, this might be the first mom's heard of me raiding her stash. . . thanks!

The stocking is still in a stall. We have another stitch 'n bitch this weekend, so maybe I'll come to terms with my loathing of this stocking there. Maybe I'll just pull the needles out to start another one and leave the old one dangling for a better day. Maybe I'll just make stockings out of felt like my mom used to. Maybe I'll make another set of baby mitts and a hat for the other baby in our extended circle of friends. . . maybe. . .

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