Thursday, November 02, 2006

Yup, still no stockings

But other good stuff!
I finished the orange sock's mate. And, yes, one is a tad longer than the other, but not nearly as mismatched as the picture looks. The feet are actually the same length, it's the legs that are off a bit. But, I'm fairly pleased with myself, as this is the first real adult size pair of socks I've made. . .yippeee!
And, I put together this nifty little tote from a thrift store sweater. It's felted and then the bottom of the sweater is sewn shut and the sleeves were cut off and the handles are from the shoulder section. I can't take credit for the design. . . I got it from this book. Tom was a little concerned about my fashion sense when I brought the sweater home. When I told him I was going to turn it into a handbag, he said, "seems to me it should have been a handbag to begin with"!

I'm slowly working my way through the UFOs and immediate gift needs on my knitting list, which means. . . I'm going to come to terms with the stockings. No, really. . . it's gonna happen darn it!

Also, how can I not share a pic of my little bumblebee. I was a flower and Tom was a honey comb. . . note the box of Honey Comb cereal strapped to his chest. At least he had a snack! Abby was so excited about being a bee, she kept saying, "bumble bee costume" until we finally put it on her and took her downtown to trick or treat. I, being the mean mom that I am, gave away all of the candy she collected to the neighbor kids when they came to our house.
Which, incidently, gives you a very interesting view into the world of teens. At about 7pm, the older kids started coming to the door. They could be divided into 3 groups: the girls dressed as sluts, the kids that didn't dress up at all and yet still expected me to fork over the goods, and then one boy who showed up dressed, well, I thought he was supposed to be a DJ or a rapper. . . He was wearing a big football jersey and white pants, his hair was greased back and he had a large medallion (wrapped in tinfoil) hanging from his neck. When I asked what he was, he giggled and kind of flapped his hand in the air and then skipped down the stairs. I noticed the glitter on his face and in his hair at that point. His friends told me he was a "gay guy." Now, I had several reactions at once. The first, and probably most prominent thought was, "I don't know any gay men that look anything like that. . . none of them would dress so horribly!" The next thought was, "that's not a costume, that's a person!" In the end, I ended up yelling after him, "We're gonna talk about this later young man!" I realized that he knew it wasn't an appropriate costume, or he wouldn't have avoided telling me what he was. Later, I talked to a friend of mine and she thought it was him trying on the role. . . perhaps he's actually questioning his sexuality. I'm not sure how I'm going to approach him, but since I know him, I can approach him, and I feel like I should because he may not have any other adults that he can talk to about this. Unfortunately, or fortunately. . .depending on your perspective, I didn't know any of the young women that came to my door in next to no clothing. . . so I can't talk to them and have it be meaningful. At least we didn't have any 35 year old men come to our door this year begging for candy. . . I think Tom may have scared that guy last year!

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Laura A said...

That bag is completely awesome!