Monday, November 27, 2006

That's right. . . 2 stockings!

Two down. One to go. Well, really, I still have to weave the ends in on one, decide if I should felt or not (which will require a swatch that I felt, which is not too possible right now, since my washing machine is busted and there's 2 feet of snow here and the repair guy may never get here), and then stitch (either dupicate or embroider) the names on. But, really that's not too much. . . right? Yeah. It's kind of a lot, but it'll get done. The last stocking will be green red and white (in a different order than the one that's already those colors) or it'll be green red and blue any thoughts on the colors for the last one? I realized early enough that red white and blue is not a great idea for a christmas stocking, unless we're celebrating Christmas in July and then it would be faboo. And, really, the green, blue and white one looks very much like a stocking supporting the Seahawks, but I'll overlook it since I really could give a rip about football.
And, in case you don't believe me about the snow. . . here's Abby in it, and that's yesterday. Now there's at least a foot more. And the thing is, I live in Port Angeles, as in AT SEA LEVEL. We don't get snow here much and when we do, all mayhem breaks loose. No one knows how to drive, the schools shut down until it all melts, people don't own snow shovels here and we don't have that many snow plows, so the town shuts down. It's kind of fun. . . .for a while. I'm reaching the end of my limit on having a toddler in the house all day with no where to go.


Laura A said...

You snuck that second one in, good job! I didn't even know you'd started it. And if you told me, I forgot. But anyway.... you did it fast!

GrandmotherCaroline said...

Hey daughter...fabulous!!! they look great, and Abby well she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Stay warm Love Mom