Monday, December 04, 2006

3 stockings down

Well, almost. I still have to decide about the felting, the name stitching, to line or not to line and the hangers. But, the bulk of the work is done. Now what?


Laura A said...

I don't think it's necessary to line it, and as for felting... if you were planning on felting it before starting to knit, you would knit it very loose on needles that are too big otherwise, to give the stitches room to shrink. I'm not sure how the fabric will turn out if you felt it when knit regular. It might be bumpy, buckling and irregular. It might not maintain a nice shape. Having never done it, I can't say. Certainly felt a similarly knit swatch first, a relatively large one.

GrandmotherCaroline said...

But you made these really BIG, right? I think you should felt them..but as Laura says..try a swatch first. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL I would think you'd do the names at the end. Make a knit hanging tab sew/knit it on then felt the whole deal?
Daughter YOU are amazing. Love MOM