Saturday, December 23, 2006

Other holiday crafts

It's been busy. Here's what I've been making!
Recycled sweater bags, a sock monkey for Abby (with lopsided ears and one arm much longer than the other) and a yoga mat bag for my sister in-law with a matching eye pillow.
I'm currently working on a scarf in garter stitch with random rows of yo/k2tog to make holes. And, I'm really loving this head wrap. I finally got yarn for it and I'm messing with it to get it just the right gauge for my liking! Yay. We're off to the in-laws for holiday fun. Have a wonderful season!


Laura A said...

I like the monkey! I bought those socks for Nate and my brother for Christmas.

Are you going to the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival? Even if you don't take classes, the marketplace is free. It's in Tacoma in a couple of weeks.

Carrie said...

I hadn't given the festival much thought. . .but now that you mention it. . . hmmm. Maybe I'll go down for a few hours of marketplace madness. There's a retreat up here in my neck of the woods in March. Small, but perhaps good. I'm considering it, but would be more interested if I had someone to go with. Check it out at: