Monday, January 15, 2007

Finished Objects

It is so satisfying to finish something! I finally got a chance to use my serger (for the first time!). I SO dig it. I am a detail oriented person, but I'm also not one to do a lot of extra work. It took me five years to try blocking a knit project and my sewing is always a little wonky. . . not so good at cutting fabric in a straight line. The serger took a lot of the fuss out of making a simple baby blanket. It's great! Still not completely square, but still great.
And, I knit a little hat for my nephew! I'm so excited to have a boy to make things for. . . he's just been adopted and is 14 months old. I have yet to meet him, but I certainly don't want to meet him for the first time empty handed.
Woo Hoo. . . feels good to get some things done!

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GrandmotherCaroline said...

Wow..nice work Honey. You're so amazing. The little hat, it's wool? Right? Where did you get that yarn? and what kind of pattern is the base..very nice. Love your B Blanket too, hard to tell what color the top is. You rock!!
Love Mom