Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fixing old mistakes

I've been on a little kick in the last few weeks. I've been undoing mistakes from old finished projects and re-doing them for further satisfaction! I was in a bit of denial about the socks I made. I pretended that they fit. .. I crammed one of them on, while the other fit perfectly. I finally just undid the toe, tore back and made it long enough for my toes to stretch out luxuriously! I shortened a scarf that I never wore (and now wear every day). And, now, I have torn back the ribbing on a hat I made years ago. It always sat on my head like a bell. This was before I learned the trick of doing the ribbing on smaller needles so it will hug my ears the way I like it. I'm re-knitting the ribbing so it will stay snug on my ears. I'll wear it more now. It's been fun to revisit old projects that seemed so hard to fix long ago and now seems really easy to fix. It shows how much I've been learning. Yee Hee! My ulitmate fix will be to frog an entire blanket and start over. It was an experiment with yarn that I scored at a thrift store. I didn't really know how to gauge how much I had. I knit the blanket as a giant dishcloth on the diagonal and didn't start decreasing soon enough. I had to bind it off before I reached the point on the other side and now it's a bit like a large cape. I also dropped a few stitches in the first half of it. . . so, I'll just frog back to the dropped stitches (I did some sort of crazy made up catch the stitch and sew it into the knit thing) and finish it properly. That'll be quite the project, but it's always bugged me, so it'll feel good.
Tomorrow is our first stitch 'n bitch of the new year. There seems to be a lot of people planning to come. I always worry that there won't be enough room in my tiny house. . . somehow we always fit. I'm excited to see what folks have on the needles.

In non-knitting crafting: I made Abby a little card table house last spring. My intention was to put her name on it and decorate it with flowers, a window etc. My grandmother made me something similar to this when I was a little girl and I loved it. Of course, I never got as far as decorating it, but Abby LOVES her house.

Now, I'm working on one for my new nephew.

My intention is to put "Ethan's Clubhouse" on the front and then decorate it with sports themed stuff. His room is in the "all stars" theme and I thought this would go really well. The problem is that I can't find any fabrics with large sports balls as the print. I had hoped to just cut a few out and wonder under them onto the house like I've done with his name. I really don't have the energy to make the balls from scratch. . . and I'm running out of steam looking for the fabric that I'm imagining in my mind. So, how do I make it a sports clubhouse without a ton of work? That's really my aim. . . less work, starting now!

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Laura A said...

The hat is gorgeous. It has that "bohus" look to it! Good job fixing things, I'm super impressed. And I had no idea your SnB was at your house. Wow.