Monday, February 05, 2007

Machine Applique Sucks

That's pretty much all I can say. I already hate sewing machines. .. too much reliance on a machine, you're plugged in and stuck where the machine is stationed, it makes noise, so it's hard to watch my netflix while crafting, did I mention that it sucks! I'm not patient enough with sewing to do it for long, so I'm always taking shortcuts to make things go faster. More often than not, my "shortcuts" end up making the process actually take longer when I go back to fix my mistakes. So, with all of that said, I made a little apron this weekend for a birthday gift. Abby's little friend Lilly turned 2 this weekend. I was hoping to make her something, but was running out of time. So, inspired by Amanda's last minute gifting, I went for it. Though, she's WAY more talented than I. Amid all of the pretty princess, doll house, plastic stuff, Lilly pulled my little dragonfly apron. I kind of made her put it on so I could get a picture. I'm pleased with the results.
However, Ethan's little "clubhouse" had to be appliqued as well. My dream that the wonder under would be enough to attach the little letters to the doors was amiss. I had to sew each and every letter down so they'd stay. The end result is a little maddening. I rushed and now they look crappy. I'm frustrated and bummed. It looked so cool and then the stitching is so, well, it looks like a 2 year old did it. I won't even show you the results here. I'm still giving it to him. I've spent too much darn time on it not to. He won't care because he'll be having so much fun crawling around and playing in it! I hope!

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