Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Slipper Fun

Here are the felted alpine boots on Abby's feet. She won't let me take a picture unless she can see it in the viewfinder, so she's on my lap wearing them. It's hard to see them, but they're pretty cute. They're too big, but small enough that she can wear them now and maybe still use them next winter too. I didn't bother with a gauge swatch, as I figured they'd just felt down as far as they'd go and then she'd grow into them. I used lamb's pride homespun thick 'n thin and a random ball of novelty yarn. Both are from my stash. It took 4 cycles on my heavy duty option on our washer with a pair of carharts. I think it took so much because we have a front loader (less agitation) and our hot water is turned down to avoid scalding our small child. Perhaps I'll turn up the hot water heater when I felt next.
I think I'd make the cuffs shorter or with a more definite eyelash yarn so it fluffs out like the picture. I'd probably opt for needle felting the detail next time instead of crocheting it on before felting. They are VERY STURDY, pretty cute and all in all a fun knit. I look forward to trying out some slipper patterns in MY size! I'll swatch for those. :)
Oh, and for those of you asking how I have time to craft. . . here's how:

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