Monday, June 11, 2007

Carrie Sews

Perhaps that would be a more accurate title for this blog lately. I went a little nuts with the sewing in the last week or so.
I made Abby a new lunch sack out of oilcloth.
I made a baby-carrier for a friend. It's based on this pattern. I made one for Abby and considered just giving that one to my friend with the baby, but I'm pretty attached to it. And, once Abby saw what I was making, she insisted on climbing up and being tied to me again. She still fits and was so sweet in the grocery store while I carried her in the sling. So, I pulled mine out of hiding and have been using it again!
I also made a little summer dress for her out of thrifted fabric and a vintage sheet. I was just using what I had, as I made the pattern and wasn't sure if it would fit. It's definitely a little big, but she still likes it. I was inspired by a vintage pattern that I found at a thrift store. Unfortunately, the actual pattern piece for the jumper wasn't in the package, but I was able to come up with something close by looking at the pictures and sewing instructions. I'll make another one in a non-pink color for her. I love how it crosses in the back.

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Laura A said...

So cute!

Ok, I was commenting, but I went on and on, so I'm going to send you an email.